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    Health Care Leadership

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    Health leadership is different from other industries. Expand on this statement, explaining how and why it is different.

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    At first instance, it may seem that having an effective leadership would compound the same traits for all types of organizations. In a way, this stands true regarding the essential elements of health care leadership. For example, a great leader must be knowledgeable on the topics he/she commands, knows where to find the resources needed for the task at hand, knows how and when to delegate tasks providing direction to accomplish what is needed, knows how to inspire others, and show enthusiasm (Hall, 2010).

    On the other hand, effective health care leadership goes beyond the confinements of the organization by establishing a framework that focuses not only on the needs of the organization but also on meeting the needs of consumers (Health Care Leadership ...

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    The solution involves an discussion of the aspects that are similar and/or different between the health care leadership and other industries. It stresses the unique startegies and position of the healthcare leadership.