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Collective Action in Health Care and Leadership

Collective action can be defined as: the pursuit of a goal or set of goals by more than one person. Therefore, I have chosen this as the aspect of my report. However now I have chosen it, I'm trying to link it to leadership in healthcare. The reason I thought it would be a good aspect because the report is based upon a leadership course which aims to provide individuals with better skills for problem solving, taking risks and developing better relationships. So I thought Collective action would be good because everyone taking the course will perhaps have the same goals which is to develop their leadership skills.

I need help linking these ideas together. Thank you for your help.

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Interesting question! You have some great dieas and made a good start. Let's take a closer look at other uses of collective action in the health care system.


1. Collective action can be defined as: the pursuit of a goal or set of goals by more than one person.

You make some good points and collective action, by this definition, involves collective decision making and action at different levels of the health care system (and the community), which is necessary to meet the corporate mission to provide quality care through good corporate governance (e.g., collective action between levels within the health care organization, across health organization, advocacy groups and the community at large).

In today's complex health care delivery system, internal leadership decisions and problem-solving demand a collective and team approach to care, often referred to integrative care. Collective action is seen by the different departments, administration, human resources, the board of directors, policy makers and the ...

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This solution explores the concept of collective action in relation to leadership in healthcare. A link for an article on collective action is also provided for further research.