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    Social Welfare Programs

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    Money is a large influence in our social welfare system.

    Which needs should be supplied by the collective action of society and which left to individual effort?

    What can society afford?

    According to your personal ideas and beliefs, what direction do you think social welfare programs are headed in for the future? Why? Support your ideas with information from the chapter and other readings

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    Collective & Individual needs

    We all have needs, individually or as part of a group (i.e. our family) and the bigger collective (communities or our society in general). When we say need, we refer to those necessary things, outcomes, events, relationships, activities and situations collective as 'needs'. They are necessary for human beings to live a healthy life. A need is different from want. A want is driven by desire and is not necessary, a need is a necessity that without which can result to something negative, lose of function and even death.

    Governments are set up to provide social organization and establish the security and protection of a nation/society. By paying taxes, we contribute towards the needs of our nation including the maintenance of a government and the provision of such social needs as healthcare, education, economic systems and law enforcement. We need them to keep us safe and keep our society going. It is the responsibility indeed of the government to look after us, but how far? The government needs to make sure that we live in a safe and conducive society that will allow us to grow - this, I think should be the need that should be provided to us via collection action (when we vote, for example).

    It is not the government's responsibility, I believe, to find us jobs although ...

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