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Social Programs and Government Spending

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Question: Today one of the biggest expenses of the federal government is various social programs. Some programs are for the elderly like Social Security and Medicare, while others like Medicaid, welfare and food stamps are for the impoverished. Based on what you know currently, do you think that the federal government spends too much money, too little money or about the right amount on these programs? Why? Are these programs worth their enormous price tags? Why or why not?

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In this particular task, you are being asked to provide an opinion on Federal spending on key programs. There is no right or wrong answer here - what is important is for you to provide an opinion that is backed up by resources that is your base for your argument. I suggest this outline:

1. Your Opinion - 150 words
2. Your Reasoning - 150 words

Focus on one or two examples. This should cover what you need. [

Federal Funding:
I am of the opinion that Federal funding for social programs are always subject to politics, lobbying and interest-groups pressure as well as the availability of funds. In a recession or during times when the country is struggling, the likelihood is that budgets are always subject to restructuring and designing or withdrawal altogether as programs are reviewed for their relevance and affordability. Medicaid, welfare and food stamps, disabled benefits, education assistance - all these are subject to these factors and more. The ...

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The solution discusses social programs and government spending.

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