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Federal Appropriations

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- Identify three (3) areas where President Obama wants to increase federal appropriations.
- Identify three (3) areas where President Obama wants to decrease federal appropriations.
- Analyze and describe four (4) governmental expenditures each from the federal, state, and local budgets that will have a greater impact on the national economy for the upcoming budget year. Explain your choices.

The federal appropriations process is one of the most important parts of public policy. Appropriations bills fund programs and must pass every year or the federal government shuts down. In the final stage of the appropriation process, the bill is presented to the President. If he signs it, it becomes law. If he vetoes it, a two-thirds vote of the House and Senate is needed to override the veto. Otherwise, Congress must address the President's concerns. Three (3) areas where President Obama wants to increase federal appropriations are: education, land & water conservation, veterans affairs

Decrease: Afghan/Iraq wars, federal health care spending, federal worker wages & benefits

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Step 1:
Four federal government expenditures which will have the greatest impact on national economy during the upcoming budget year are National defense, transportation, education training employment and social services, and social security. I have selected these items because of the size of expenditure as well as the impact on stimulating the economy. National defense $716 billion spending during the past year shows how important National Defense spending is for increasing employment and for stimulating growth in the economy. Transportation spending during the past budget was $103 billion. Transportation expenditure has a high potential for employment. Education, training employment and social services expenditure not only had high spending during the past ...

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