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    Globalization Effects on Welfare Programs

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    How will globalization affect social welfare programs in the future? What should be done now to help us be proactive as globalization continues to affect our nation?

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    Globalization is a fairly recent concept. It is so recent, many are still debating how to define and analyze it. So, let's begin with a working definition of globalization. It describes how economies, societies (including culture), and political systems world wide have become interconnected and interdependent. Globalization has been credited with producing the characteristics of contemporary life. In recent years, the global web that has been created has become more dense,diverse, and the speed in which it develops and spreads has increased rapidly. Not everyone agrees on whether the changes we see in the world are positive or negative, but everyone agrees that as societies become more interconnected we will have a bigger impact on each other. Some of the aspects in which globalization affects the world is by creating international capital flow; integrating business activities; transferring images, ideas, information and values; creating opportunities for business and vacation travel; sharing concerns about environmental issues; joining political actions; etc.

    Now, we need to examine the connection between social welfare and ...

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    Globalization effects every aspect of our society. It has specific implications for our welfare programs.