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Formal education for radiation therapists

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Briefly state the reason formal education programs were developed for radiation therapists.

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As you probably know, formal education is now a requirement for almost all types of healthcare providers. For this reason, accreditation boards and education committees have come together to decide on competencies that each type of provider should have before being able to practice in his or her chosen field. Ensuring that each provider has been educated and tested on specific competencies ensures a certain level of skill and knowledge among all providers, and therefore increases the quality of patient care. In order to maintain a high level of patient care and to minimize adverse outcomes, education programs must be standardized and students must be trained in the specifics of their profession while also learning to respect patient rights, to promote the welfare of patients, to protect their own welfare, and to practice in an ethical manner (JRCERT, n.d.).

Formal education ...

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Healthcare providers, including radiation therapists, are required to undergo formal training and become certified in order to practice in their chosen field. This increases the quality of patient care and establishes higher safety standards for the workplace.

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