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Procedure Behind Quality Assurance for Radiation Therapists

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Briefly describe one quality assurance procedure performed by the radiation therapist. Be specific about what the QA procedure is for (what does it check and why is it important to do?), how often it's done and if there are any special instruments needed.

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Radiation therapists use a large variety of equipment in their practice and many of them have their own QA guidelines. One of the more common pieces of equipment is the Medical Linear Accelerator. This uses a targeted beam of electrons to destroy tumorous tissues in very precise locations of the body. Understandably, the proper targeting and function of this piece of equipment is vital to ensuring the proper treatment and safety of patients.

A number of tests are performed regularly in order to ensure this. The full list for Canadian therapists to undergo is actually ...

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Brief description of electron constancy quality assurance performed by the radiation therapist on medical linear accelerators. What this checks, why it's important and how often it is done is discussed.

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