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Report using a template

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Select a laboratory procedure or experiment and carry out a review of the hazards and risks associated with the procedure.
1. using a template, write a report outlining,
a. all the hazards and risks.
b.what equipment, procedures etc. need to be in place in order to ensure it is carried out in a safe manner.

Choose an area that has some hazards and risk.

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Solution Summary

A report using a template is provided. The equipment and procedure hazards are determined.

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By template here, I am assuming that you are asked to pick any lab protocol in the field of biology and analyze it for hazards & risks, right?

One protocol is used quite often in biochemistry is radiolabeling DNA oligos with P32-gamma-ATP for use in a gel shift assay. Since P32 is a radioactive isotope, one must take extra precautions when using it.

The procedure for radiolabeling DNA:

in an eppendorf tube, add known amount of your single-stranded DNA oligo
add the polynucleotide kinase buffer
add the appropriate amount of the P32-gamma ATP
add the kinase
incubate at 37C for 30min
heat inactivate the kinase by heating the reaction at 65C for 20min
allow the reaction to cool down
apply the sample to a disposable spin column to remove the unincorporated gamma-ATP
spin the sample through and collect it in an eppendorf tube
dispose the tube in the proper waste bin
to the tube of the sample, add the complementary DNA strand
anneal the DNA by heating the sample ...

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