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What value does a nurse get from participating in continuing education?

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What value does a nurse get from participating in continuing education? What are the various sources from which a nurse can secure continuing education?

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The expert determines what value a nurse gets from participating in continuing education. The various sources from which a nurse can secure continuing education is determined.

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The value of continuing education is typically translatable in the form of specialization in various areas of nursing.
Standard nursing education allows one to practice in many areas, but there are others where the institution may wish to hire someone with more specialized training.

For example, OR scrub nurses and interventional radiology nurses receive special training pertaining to proper procedure and handling of equipment, different patient conditions that can arise in their specialties and proper protocols.

A direct consequence of being able to specialize is the potential for a pay raise. Typically, the more specialized a nurse is , the higher the demand for them and the more institutions are willing to pay to retain them.

Besides specializations in nursing, there are also continuing education opportunities which allow a nurse to pursue leadership training. This includes basic training in management of other employees (e.g. dealing with interpersonal conflicts, employee relations etc.) and can sometimes be very specific to particular areas of leadership, such as unit clerk, unit head nurse, manager of a unit etc. The benefits of this also include higher ...

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