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Globalization; Consumerism, Immigration & Nutrition

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What do the supporters of globalization celebrate? With regard to consumerism, immigration, and nutrition, which side-supporters or opponents do you find more persuasive? Why?

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What is Globalization? According to Understanding Business, "Globalization is a process by which the world economy is becoming a single interdependent system." We rely more each day on other countries for our food, oil, clothes and entertainment. The list is endless. Many people are supporters of globalization. Due to the rapid growth of our economy, many businesses are forced to go global whether they are ready or not.

This can cause problems for managers that they are not prepared to address. Consumerism, Immigration, and Nutrition are three areas to discuss. What is consumerism? Understanding Business describes it as, "social activism dedicated to protecting consumers' rights in their dealings with ...

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This solution discusses what is globalization. Also, what is consumerism, immigration and nutrition? How it affects businesses and our economy today. A MS word document is attached for downloading.

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Examining Alternatives to Globalization: What do opponents of globalization criticize?

The opponents of globalization focus their criticism on the role of globalization in homogenizing the world and driving wages and prices to a minimum. Supporters argue that lower prices and greater opportunities are worth the costs that come at the price of industrial development.

What do the opponents of globalization criticize? With regard to consumerism, immigration, and nutrition, where do you find their critiques compelling? Why?

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