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Consumerism, Immigration, and Nutrition in the Global Arena

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The opponents of globalization focus their criticism on the role of globalization in homogenizing the world and driving wages and prices to a minimum. Supporters argue that lower prices and greater opportunities are worth the costs that come at the price of industrial development.

What do the opponents of globalization criticize? With regard to consumerism, immigration, and nutrition, where do you find their critiques compelling? Why?

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On Consumerism

The thirst for adventure and knowledge is the basis for consumerism. After all consumerism is just acquiring products that we ourselves are unable to produce in our own homes. We see a piece of cloth woven in some foreign country and we want clothing made from that cloth or some adventuring neighbor comes home with a fruit or vegetable we have never tasted before and you find you would like to eat that more often.

Compelling argument: The primary role of governments is to ensure that their citizens are shielded from unwanted products that compete with local products. The end result of globalization is the continuous inflow of foreign products that destroys infant industries. The consumers could have had ...

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This solution discuses Consumerism, Immigration, and Nutrition in the global perspectives. This also identified the possible effect of such to local economy.

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