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    Essay on the Ethical Issues in Consumerism

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    Analysis and Discuss Ethical Issues in Consumerism.

    What are the arguments in the favor of Ethical consumerism and what are the arguments against the Ethical consumerism.

    Finally, present a conclusion with your own viewpoint on this issue.

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    The ethical issue of Consumerism came into existence couple of decades back and has become an important part of the contemporary modern business world. The ethical consumerism was firstly popularized with the publication of a magazine, Ethical Consumer in 1989. The ethical dilemma, unethical consumerism creates negative impacts on the ethical consumption, ethical purchasing, ethical shopping, ethical sourcing, or green consumerism caused from the increased consumption of the goods and services by the people over of commonly established basic needs of the goods and services for the society and the consumers. The ethical consumerism is a form of the consumer activism that takes responsibility for the ethical decisions while purchasing the goods and services (Kamalakannan and Dr. Mani, 2012). Unethical consumerism is a serious ethical problem that the companies today follow while producing the goods and services because most of the grocery retailing or foods supplier companies in the modern business always prefer to earn huge profits and large revenues through the sale of the goods and services in the greater quantities rather focusing on quality, freshness, greenery and organic products. The companies don't follow the ethical standards of consumerism that brings costs to the society and consumers.


    The ethical consumerism is a widely used concept by some multinational companies to promote the business ethics and corporate social responsibility in their organizations in order to enhance the global corporate image in the competitive global marketplace. For ex- Nestle is an international foods and beverage company that follows the principle of ethical consumerism in order to produce the high quality and ...

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    Ethical consumerism is a form of the consumer activism that takes responsibility for the ethical decisions while purchasing the goods and services. This essay analyses arguments in favor and against of ethical consumerism. Also, it provides authors views on this issue and finally conclusion is made.