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    Why companies go international

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    The question is on a topic called (INTERNATIONALISATION)

    I need some information on the following:

    - Definition of Internationalisation
    - The Factors & Reasons for Internationalisation
    - PEST Analysis
    - International Environment (Objectives & Strategies)
    - Analysis
    - Why companies go international ? (plz give some examples as well).

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    Hi there,

    Here is some information that I found for you regarding internationalization:

    Internationalization and localization are means of adapting products such as publications or software for non-native environments, especially other nations and cultures.

    Internationalization is sometimes used interchangeably with globalization to refer to economic and cultural effects of an increasingly interconnected world.

    While internationalization most commonly refers to the addition of a framework for multiple language support, especially in software, it sometimes refers to the process whereby something (a corporation, idea, highway, war, etc.) comes to affect multiple nations. This usage is rare; globalization is preferred. Because of globalization, many companies and products are found in multiple countries worldwide, giving rise to increasing localization requirements.

    Localization may describe production of goods nearer to end users to reduce environmental and other external costs of globalization.

    In software development, after a product has been internationalized, ...