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    'PEST Analysis', 'Internal Environment', and 'Analysis'

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    This question is on the 'International Marketing' course for my BA (hons) Business Admin. degree.

    the question is :


    What are the factors and reasons for Internationalization? show appreciation of the complexity of the International Environment.

    also discuss the following:

    - PEST Analysis
    - Internal Environment, which should also include:
    - Objectives
    - Strategies

    - Analysis : why companies go international? e.g Inflation.
    Whether companies are Proactive or Reactive

    Please find the attached file on some information i've come up with on Internationalization.

    The main proble i'm having is with the 'PEST Analysis', 'Internal Environment', and 'Analysis'.

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    PEST analysis:

    It is an analysis of the macro-environment in which a firm operates and can be explained in terms of the following factors:

    Political: IT includes government rules and regulations and define both formal and informal rules in which a firm operates. Examples include taxation policies, trade restrictions and tariffs, environmental laws, political stability.

    Economic factors: Economic factos affect the purchasing power of potential customers and the cost of capital of the company. Examples are economic growth, interest rates, exchange rates and inflation.

    Social factors: IT cludes the demographic and cultural aspect of the external environment. These factors affect the needs and size of the potential markets and include health consciousness, age distribution, population growth rate, etc.

    Technological ...

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    'PEST Analysis', 'Internal Environment', and 'Analysis'