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Creating a Social Program - Information only

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I need to create a social program for my Public Policy Development in Health and Human Services class. Other than the text I am looking for websites or books that could give examples of the stages of development: the problem to be addressed, analysis, policy elements, financing, staffing, and evaluation. Just looking for examples of how other programs were developed so I can get a jump start.

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Here is a great website with tons of social programs specific to social policy. http://www.evidencebasedprograms.org/

I have copied the website so you could see the different areas in which social programs are listed and what they are.

What Works and What Doesn't Work in Social Policy?: Findings From Well-Designed Randomized Controlled Trials

The central problem that the nonprofit Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy seeks to address is that U.S. social programs are often implemented with little regard to rigorous evidence, costing billions of dollars yet failing to address critical needs of our society -- in areas such as education, crime and substance abuse, and poverty reduction. A key piece of the solution, we believe, is to provide policymakers and practitioners with clear, actionable information on what works, as demonstrated in scientifically-valid studies, that they can use to improve the lives of the people they serve.

To address this need, this site summarizes the findings from well-designed randomized controlled trials that, in our view, have particularly important policy implications -- because they show, for example, that a social intervention has a major effect, or that a widely-used intervention has little or no effect. (More on our criteria/process here.) We limit this discussion to well-designed randomized controlled trials based on persuasive evidence that they are superior to other study designs in measuring an intervention's true effect (hence their role as the "gold standard" in fields such as medicine, welfare policy, and education).

We welcome your suggestions (email, tel. 202-530-3284). Click here to sign up for periodic updates. We will conduct an April 8 workshop-- "How to Read Research Findings to Distinguish Evidence-Based Programs from Everything Else" (more info here).NEW



UPDATEDNurse-Family Partnership (A nurse home visitation program for low-income, pregnant women): Randomized controlled trials show major impact on life outcomes of the mothers and their children.

Perry Preschool Project (High-quality preschool for children from disadvantaged backgrounds): Randomized controlled trial shows major impact on educational and life outcomes; we note, however, that this was a demonstration project, and it is not yet known if the results can be replicated on a broader scale in typical ...

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This is a website with information based on the stages of development.

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