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    Family genograms

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    I am working on some samples of four generation genogram of families. I have completed a genogram on a hypothetical families on areas of focus that would help to make sense of patterns in a family, either positive or negative. For example, I traced college graduates, and divorces.

    I would like assistance with a sample genogram on alcoholism in a family with the tools such as SmartDraw or PowerPoint, or you can draw and scan the genogram. I would like to see how you captured the process by summarizing the the information captured in the genogram and how you gathered the information, such as interviews or archival research. Explain any generational patterns that emerge. Analyze the cultural patterns and family issues that you have focused on in completing genogram. How would other social work systems such as micro, mezzo or macro be positively affected by the use of a genogram.

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    Dear Student,
    You are basically being asked to put together a genogram - either it is one big genogram consisting of 4 generations or a per-generation genogram is fine. What is important is that you provide the source (interviews, for example) of the source of information and then from this draw cultural patterns. I have created a sample genogram for you - the issue I had with this for the longest time is that it was difficult to convert it to a common file extension (it was created with Genopro - a good program but PDF conversions are not a part of that ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in putting together a genogram that traces and relates the issue of alcoholism in the 4 generations of the Smith family, a hypothetical family whose generational patterns are explored. The genograms are attached as PDF files while micro,mezzo and macro systems are also related as they are implied at/explored by the genograms.