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Genogram Explained

1. Describe what is meant by a genogram.

2. Using a scenario, explain the positive and negative roles that rules can play in the family system.

3. What dysfunctions can you identify in your work place family? How are they affecting you?

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The Genogram

The Genogram is a visual and graphic (pictorial display) of an individual's family relationships and medical history. It is important and far removed from a typical family tree because it traces, relates and indicates the hereditary profile and histories of familial relations and family members, allowing one a fuller picture of one's hereditary DNA. What it does is it allows a fuller picture for visualizing hereditary patterns as well as psychological factors that aid medical diagnosis as well as identify repetitive patterns of behavior that 'mapping out' allows recognizing hereditary tendencies.

Developed first by Monica Goldrick & Randy Gerson as a clinical tool through their published book Genograms: Assessment and Intervention published in 1985, it is now used by experts in varied fields of study like genealogy, medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work, genetic research, education and many more. Therapy practitioners use genograms for personal records as well as to explain family dynamics to clients.

A Sample Scenario

Negative ...