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Genograms and how to apply them to your life

Describe what is meant by a genogram. Please cite the source of your material.
How can the genogram assist in assessment of needs within a family system?

Think in terms of your personal genogram and discuss (in general) 2 intergenerational patterns that you could identify within your family.

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Genograms are a way of drawing a detailed family tree that is used in individual or family therapy. When you write a genogram (either by hand or using a free computer program-see the links below) you might notice communication patterns, occupations, supports, and problems within your family. These are not for genealogical purposes; rather they are for learning background information about family. Relationships that are not biological are also important in a genogram; in this era of stepfamilies, adoptions, cohabitation, and strained relationships, relationships are very important.

Perhaps you are working with a therapist to design your genogram, and you notice that every female in your family has been a single parent. Or you could notice how many people in your paternal line suffered from extreme anxiety. Perhaps your mother and aunt will not speak to one another, just as your great aunt will not speak to your ...

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This is a brief general overview of what a genogram is and how it is used. Lots of examples of the implications are listed.