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A Study of Supernatural's 'The Winchester' Family

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Construct a genogram for the Winchester family.
Summarize the genogram you created by describing the roles and patterns that emerge in it, using concepts from these systems theories :General Systems Theory, Cybernetics, and Family Therapy. Explain how you believe genograms may be useful in couples and family counseling and Briefly explain how your understanding of this genogram might impact the work of a counselor.

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Dear Student,
Hi. What you are being asked here is to provide a simple genogram and to summarize/review said genogram using elements from the family therapy theories that are listed. I am assuming that you are familiar with them already so that we can just take some elements from each and apply them to the Winchester family. The genogram then should focus on relationships and subsets so that we can apply the theories to them after. The genogram should be concise and simple enough and the analysis should also be the same. I suggest the following outline:

1. Introduction - what is this paper about? 100 words.
2. Winchesters Genogram - include it as a .jpeg embed into the .doc file.
3. Application of theories - about 300-400 words, at least 100 per theory.
4. The relevance/use of a genogram in counseling - about 100-200 words.
5. List your resources/references according to the format expected (MLA/APA).

The solution below follows this outline. I advise that you review the genogram as it is pretty general so that you can add your own specific observations. Good luck with your studies and best of the New Year.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones


The Winchesters Family: Genogram

This paper will present a genogram of the popular Winchester Family from the CW TV Series 'Supernatural'. It will focus on Sam and Dean, the brothers and will utilize systems theories in family therapy to look into certain issues and elements of function/dysfunction present in the family as depicted in the genogram. A genogram is a diagram of family relationships as well as their medical and other pertinent personal history/information. Such a diagram explains relationships, family dynamics, and structure as well as gives light to reasons behind certain behavioural issues and emotional/psychological/medial/family issues.

The Genogram (see attached for diagram)

Application of Theories

A 'family summary'

As can be seen, I concentrated on the known family members of the Campbell-Winchester family, tracing Mary's familial origins as this has a direct bearing on her life, her marriage, her husband and her sons. Mary is the daughter of Samuel and Deanna Campbell and come from a long line of 'hunters' which in the Supernatural mythology refers to people who hunt demons and the Supernatural to keep communities, families and humankind 'safe'. Hers is an extraordinary life in a sense that it was not 'normal'. But her desire for normality arose when she met former Marine John Winchester who, despite the objections of her parents, she decided to marry. Unknown to her, their meeting has been 'pre-designed' and manipulated by elements of Azazel, a demon who had plans to use Mary and John's future child to 'free Lucifer' from the cage as John comes from a direct ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise to students in putting together a genogram for the popular 'Winchester Family' of of The CW TV's 'Supernatural' TV Series. An outline as to how the genogram project should be undertaken is provided as well as notes on how the solution should be used. Apart from a sample genogram, a 'family summary' is provided side by side with a discussion of the dynamics of the family from these perspectives - General Systems Theory, Cybernetics, and Family Therapy. A discussion of the importance of genograms in counseling work completes the solution. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A Word version is also attached.