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Premarital counselling case study

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Case Study
David has begun dating Beth who he met at the pool where he is a lifeguard. They have been getting along well for several months, with occasional blowups. Beth mentioned that she and her family had been to a Bowenian therapist earlier in the year, and she shared with David the genogram the therapist developed with them. Beth and David are thinking about getting married when Beth finishes high school next spring. They have decided to seek premarital counseling, and have chosen you as their therapist. What will you discuss with them, based on the genogram Beth brings to the first session? Be creative! Invent additional characters and details.

The genogram is attached. Thank you very much!

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You have a fun assignment that can show your creativity and ability to incorporate your understanding of Bowenian therapy. Your professor will be looking for your understanding of key concepts such as nuclear emotional system, family projection process, triangles, multi-generational transmission process, sibling position, differentiation of self, emotional cutoff, societal emotional process

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This solution provides a discussion of questions to consider during the first pre-marital counselling session from a Bowenian perspective.

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