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    The Role of Vocational/Career Counseling

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    Please assist me on providing thoughts about the role of vocational/career counseling and/or planning in working with clients. Then explain at least two ways in which engaging in the process of vocational/career counseling and/or planning might be valuable to a client. Finally, assist me on describing at least two challenges that could arise while engaging in vocational/career counseling or planning, and explain how one would address these challenges.

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    On Career Counselling

    Between vocational counselling, career counselling and the task of dealing with clients in terms of working with them to help them with their issues in relation to careers and job/employment issues, I find the task of career counselling and working with clients in this particular area of practice fit to my area of interest. Coming from a family with parents and relatives extremely challenged at times because of the demands of career and family, I find that it is important for people to find psychological, emotional and counselling support in this area of life as it is something that is essential in keeping families, children and communities afloat. We all need to work, we all want to achieve in this area, we all hope to find success and meaning in the career paths we chose. But this is not always the case - it is hard for those just starting to decide which career paths to chose, or for those already in a career and find it hard to function or to maintain being in it due to a host of issues, and harder still for those who are about to retire or those who cannot find work. With careers being an essential element to individual independence and the ability to maintain one's self and one's family - it is is important to provide that support to help people make complex decisions and find solutions to issues in relation to career changes, career exploration and personal career development.


    Above, I have talked about why I find the ...

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