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Vocational/career counseling/development assessment/inventory

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Think about what you might learn about yourself as a result of taking a self-assessment inventory in the area of vocational/career counseling/development at this stage of your life (age 52, white female, divorced, living in the U.S). Then write what the findings would be from such an inventory. What would your reaction be to the assessment/inventory. What role you think a counselor might play in terms of helping a client interpret and deal with the results of such an inventory and the interpretation in the report. Also, what insights would you have as a result of the assessment//inventory regarding yourself and/or working with others with such an inventory/report?
For example: self-assessment inventory at to www3.parinc.com/ or one like it.

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The solution discusses vocational/career counseling/development assessment/inventory.

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Self Assessment Inventory Within The Area Of Career Development:

Self assessment inventories are put in place to assist in providing response about an individual hence enabling them to discover their skills and abilities within an identified field. During the process of career development, the self assessment process is the most ignored part during a career development despite the fact that it is required for an effective job search strategy. This self assessment strategy begins with an extensive or written strategy of the individual values, interests, personality traits and skills with the main aims being to build a rock solid foundation which is required for career development (MOSKAL, 2010).

The self assessment inventory plays part in ensuring that values of which I am are defined such as my age, area of residence, marital status and gender are defined. These factors will assist in determining if my career choices are in alignment with the core values and if they ensure career satisfaction. Career ...

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