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Role of career calling within career development & counseling

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This solution examines some references and notes about how vocation and calling play a role within the greater context of career development.

Use at-least 2 peer reviewed journals articles or books.

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Two article reviews and a rough organizational plan are embedded into this posting to investigate the issue of career calling and how it impacts the greater context of career development and career counseling overall. 800 words of notes and references are integrated.

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Welcome warmly to BM! Please rate 5/5 for my ideas and references.

As you organize some ideas, it is vital to hone the massive topic.

In general, you might want to define it, offer a theoretical and historical summation of a calling, its Judeo-Christian origins, cite Hall's 2003 theory, reference Treadgold's 1999 theory and transcendent vocation, discuss counseling implications, how it empowers clients and counselors, and maybe even assessment of calling ramifications, namely clients' confidence, goal setting, career decisiveness, self-efficacy and intrinsic work motivation. You might even look at strategies and how career calling can easily correlate with CIP theory.

If you like these ideas, you can create an outline accordingly.

First, it is essential to define career calling and how it influences overall career development and counseling facilitation:

Praskova, A., Creed, P. A., & Hood, M. (2015). The Development and Initial Validation of a Career Calling Scale for Emerging Adults. Journal Of Career Assessment, 23(1), 91-106.

The authors describe career calling as "...a salient career goal that is personally meaningful and oriented toward helping others" (91). They further align it as a "...developmental construct that is especially important for emerging adults when making career decisions and setting career goals" (91). Specifically, career calling impacts clients' searches and preferences for jobs or career paths, as well as general career decisions and indecisions. Clients' notions of ...

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