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    Discussion: The Glass Ceiling Effect

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    To counteract some of the glass ceiling effects, women need to maintain career development strategies to ensure their ability to succeed in male dominated fields. The Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists, and Managers, Australia (2008) suggests that women must:
    - Be conscious of career development at all stages of [their] working [lives].
    - Become aware of departments from which senior management is promoted.
    - Maintain a broad skills base.
    - Maintain visibility and positioning within the organization in terms of succession planning.

    Can you provide another reference on how career counseling can benefit women when they battle the glass ceiling effects?

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    As you offer additional research to show how career counseling can benefit women when they battle the glass ceiling effects, you might talk not just about gender variables, but also the inclusion of cultural variables. Research suggests that it also helps to include "goal-congruent work that will allow [individuals] to experience work, career and life satisfaction in a changing society" (http://archives.smartcompany.com/cultural-context-of-career-choice-meta-/35528.html?ci=35528&g=g50863&k=Career+counseling&n=c&a=1388471213&pg=1).

    This source also reiterates the importance of the ecological model of career counseling in ...

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    This solution offers multiple different resources which can be used in discussing the glass ceiling effect with regards to women in the business place. Other factors in addition to gender are provided to allow a more in-depth and varied response to be constructed on this topic.