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    The Glass ceiling

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    As HR professionals we need to understand the concept of 'The Glass Ceiling '....as a result how does the glass ceiling phenomenon domestically and internationally impact directly or indirectly an organization's reputation, customer loyalty, diversity of skill sets, growth potential and even it's bottom line...? How far have women come in management,.... what's holding them back and why if anything?

    Please, any insight into this would be very helpful.

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    //Before lettering about the 'Impact of the Glass Ceiling' on the performance of the Organization, we have to understand the concept of glass ceiling and its importance for an Organization. Then, we will discuss about the effect of the glass ceiling on the Organization's reputation, customer loyalty, and diversity of set skills, growth potential and the bottom line employees of an Organization.//

    The Glass Ceiling

    Women have been breaking through the glass ceiling. Glass ceiling can be referred to situations or barriers faced by women who attempt or desire to achieve senior positions in corporations, management and nonprofit organizations. They are not able to achieve them, due to unfairness and inequality in the organization (Velasquez, 2004). There is direct and indirect impact of the glass ceiling phenomenon on the organization's reputation, ...

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