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    The Glass Ceiling in Management

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    The case study scenario was:

    Women and minorities often face what is called a glass ceiling. Why would some individuals hinder or block the advancement of people up the management ladder? Have you ever encountered or observed the glass ceiling?

    One of the key factors in limiting advancement of women and minorities often comes down to individuals being uncomfortable with change. Most prominent figures, the President of the United States and Chief Executive Officers of popular organizations, have predominantly been white males. This solution provides for a "real world" example of the Glass Ceiling, in which there is a salary variance between a female and male manager; with similar job responsibilities.

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    The advancement of some individuals, particularly women and minorities, may often be hindered due to a desire to not "rock" the status quo. Some individuals feel that only men, especially those who are white, are the only individuals "qualified" to be in "management" roles. This mentality is likely based on historical figures; Presidents, Chief Executive Officers, Politicians - all of which the majority have been and are white males. It ...

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    The glass ceiling is a term used for resistance both women and minorities face in "climbing" a corporate ladder. For most organizations, "key" management positions are traditionally held by white males. This solution is about 300 words and discusses the dynamic of why some individuals actually hinder promotion of women and minorities.