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    Gender Glass Ceiling

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    I could use a tutor on this assignment:


    In the company you are discussing, there are likely certain issues that pertain particularly to women Women often find barriers when moving towards the top. This invisible barrier is often called "The Glass Ceiling". For more information see:

    Glass Ceiling Still Unshattered

    Is there any sense in your mind that there are barriers to women's advancement in the firm? If not, has there been such barriers in the past, or at competing firms?


    Please write a two to three page paper explaining the issue in as much detail as you can. I am interested most in your assessment of the problem. Quickly point out the relevant utilitarian and deontological considerations, but you need not present the argument in great detail.

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    This outline should give you an idea about the glass ceiling. You did not specify your company, so this will help round out your paper when you apply the information. Putting "glass ceiling" into search engines will give you dozens of articles and lots of information about it.

    The glass ceiling is existent for women, people of color, and those with disabilities. The specific request in this assignment is about the glass ceiling for women. Barriers exist because of many reasons. Barriers to fair trade happen because of protecting the national trade or exports. Barriers to education or marriage are found where wealth, social status, and stereotyping are common. All of these have one thing in common. They are institutionalized within the society from which they originate.

    Protecting the white male dominance is one of the core reasons for a glass ceiling. The ...

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    The gender glass ceilings are examined.