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    Glass Ceiling, Succession Impact, and Dysfunctional Managers

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    Discuss how organizations are meeting the challenges of the "glass ceiling", "succession planning", and "dysfunctional managers." These have a direct impact on employee development. Comment on the attached article by Kay regarding the glass ceiling and whether you agree or disagree with her comments and why. Be sure to address any experience you have had with either and how it impacted you personally as well as what you would have done differently had you been in position to make changes.

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    Glass Ceiling

    Companies are focusing on how employee development has part of their recruiting and retention plans. As a company has a new job opening, the job is posted on a job board in a highly visible location (i.e. break room or cafeteria). Also, the company is requiring managers throughout the company to utilize succession planning. The goal is to grow the company from within and employee retention. Prior to a new job being posted, the manager will work with his/her employee to develop the skills and experience needed to perform the new job. A key aspect of the succession planning is to ensure that everyone within the company is eligible to participate within the program. I have been part of a company that uses succession planning. The program was pretty successful at ...

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    This solution provides an examination of three items that will hurt a company's reputation, lead to poor employee retention and not attract good talent. Glass ceiling, succession planning, and dysfuctional managers have a huge impact on a company.