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    Stein's "Glass Ceiling" & NY Time's "Career Women"

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    Article review and viewpoint comparison advise: Stein's "Glass Ceiling" & NY Time's "Career Women".

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    In the first place, you might suggest that Stein's "Glass Ceiling" article, like the other three writers' works, vehemently asserts that women are still unfairly subjugated, oppressed, and "Othered" in society, especially in the workplace due to a society that is still very much patriarchal in nature and full of unfair power dynamics. Just like women are unequal to men in Afghanistan as demonstrated from Jones' analysis of life politically, sexually, economically, socially, educationally, and emotionally for women, this article also reveals stark economic disparities in women's abilities to make money and elevate themselves socially, economically, and professionally, as men are able to achieve in the workplace.

    Again, Stein's article, like Brettell's and ...

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    Stein's "Glass Ceiling" & NY Time's "Career Women" are briefly compared using gender theory.