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    Race as a Social Construct & Workplace Glass Ceiling

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    Could you please help with these 2 questions? I will also will need references.

    1.Is race a socially constructed term and concept?Discuss

    2.Is there evidence for the glass ceiling in your workplace? Explain. If so, what can you do to address it?


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    Dear Student,
    Thanks for using Brainmass to help with your studies. Please take note that I have made some assumptions with your work and since I am familiar with a little of it (that you are currently retired after 26 years of service as a soldier), I shall make that as a basis of this solution to make it apt for your case. In this solution when discussing workplace barriers, I am pretending to be you writing at first person for the purpose of example only.

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    Social Constructs

    When we talk of social constructs, we refer to ideas, knowledge and meanings that have come about due to discourse. What is discourse - it happens when people interact. In society, people meet to agree to a concept, to an action, to debate an idea and to show their opinions - while this of course happens in any form of government (including communism and autocracy); it is much more visible in a democracy. Consider the current debate on the US health care system change that Pres. Obama is trying to install. He believes it is the right way forward. A lot of his critics and ordinary citizens think so otherwise. Some believe it gives the government the right to decide who will die and who will live. But Obama and the Democrats disagree. This, currently happening, is a process of discourse. What Obama and Co. believes is a good solution others see as an unfair set of changes that would be disadvantageous to them. Whatever the outcome is, in the end, after all the debates and agreements - new knowledge will emerge in the form of the new changes and the new health and welfare system that will be instituted all across America. These set of changes have come from discourse and what it is as a collective is a Social Construct because Americans 'constructed' these changes by ...

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    The solution is a 1,065 word essay explaining and discussing race as a social construct from a sociological viewpoint. Additionally, the notion of glass ceiling in the workplace is also explained and discussed. References are listed for expansion. The solution follows the APA format. A word version is attached for easy printing.