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Career Development Program

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I need some assistance with these questions:
-Can you examine and discuss the organization, implementation, administration, and evaluation of programs at career centers.

-Consider all your newly acquired information about the multi-faceted steps and considerations in developing career programs and career centers. As you found out, this involves many considerations such as the following:

*Career programs (how the center decides offerings and topics of career programs they provide to the public).
-Organizational considerations (such as staffing and computerized guidance systems).
*Administrative considerations (such as leadership functions).
*Implementation (who will be in charge of certain deliverables).
Evaluation (how these programs will be evaluated from individual programs to customer service).

-Having read about these areas, discuss an online career center or one in your local area and address how the career center you chose approaches each of these five areas.
-Consider the center's strengths or weaknesses in meeting diverse populations in their career program planning.
-Finally, describe how this awareness and understanding of these components will help you as you prepare to advocate for career counseling clients in a referral to a center's programs and services.

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This solution discusses the organization, implementation and evaluation processes in planning a Career Development Program. References used are included.

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*Career programs (how the center decides offerings and topics of career programs they provide to the public).

Research indicates that Career development programs are not new. However, according to Shore (1993), "Organizational career development" has emerged as a competitive strategy for enhancing organizational effectiveness through a well-developed workforce" (www.NCDA). Further research suggests that career development programs have some things in common including its foci on: (1) goals, (2) organizational capabilities, (3) program structure and processes, and (4) staff expertise. In addition, a career development program is identifiable, but integrated with other programs within an institution, or organization focused on the following objectives: (a) the enhancement of career development knowledge based on program standards, (b) utilization of coordinated activities to support individual achievement, (c) support of delivery of services through qualified staffing, (d)materials and financial resources and effective managing, and (e) an evaluation based on program effectiveness (www.blueprint4life).

The process by which career programs are developed and provided to the public is based on a needs assessment. First, as demonstrated by the Blueprint model there is the recognition that a specific need exists that influences decisions to develop a career program. Thus, career program developers attempt to meet those needs by developing programs focused on: (1) social interaction, (2) self-knowledge and (3) other forms of gratification. For instance, an individual's personal, educational, occupational, or career maturation are taken into account within the planning process. Still others researchers describe Career development programs as system oriented with new information generated by information and communication technologies that may be driving the need (Gutteridge, Leibowitz, & Shore, 1993). According to Gutteridge et al., harsh, global economic realities (e.g. downsizing), now ...

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