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    Goldstein's Instructional Model for Employee Development

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    What are the elements of an effective employee development program which take Goldstein's instructional model into consideration?

    Just need a bulleted list.

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    Elements of an effective employee development program, using Goldstein's instructional model:

    Needs Assessment: There is a need to work with the employees to assess and get feedback on the skills and interests of employees;
    Deriving Objectives: The first state relates to the career development of objectives of the employees and their job needs;
    The second state relates to the selection of training and development activities that correspond to the career development objectives and job needs.
    The employees should be informed through notices, letters and e-mails about the different training and development opportunities that are available in the organization.
    Notify the employee of present polices that sustain employee ...

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    This posting gives you the elements of an effective employee development program based on Goldstein's instructional model.