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    Instructional System Design Model (ISDM)

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    The assessment phase is the last phase in the Instructional System Design (ISDM) Model. Through comparing and contrasting different assessment tools, there are various strengths and weaknesses with assessment tools. Explain the importance of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of assessment tools in the design and development phase of Instructional Design.

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    Assessment tools are used to assess an individual's understanding of specific knowledge. While assessment tools are a good way to evaluate what the individual knows they also have their disadvantages. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of evaluations may help in the development of instructional design. According to Clark (2010) the instructional system design model (ISDM) covers 5 phases of instruction.

    - Analyze - Determine why instruction is needed, what is the goal?
    - Design - Determine how information will be presented to reach the goal.
    - Develop - Develop a plan for presenting new ...

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