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Instructional Design

Part I:
I am a director of curriculum development for a school system. I believe that I need to hire an instructional designer, although I do not have that position on staff at present. I will need to make a case for hiring someone into this new role. My audience does not fully understand either instructional design, or the role of the instructional designer.

Pls. answer the followings:

1. Briefly describe the nature of the organization and audience for the presentation. Clear description with details about the school and the audience, and this should be presented in order to try to have the position approved and funded.

2. Define the discipline of instructional design, and explain the significance of the discipline. Take the definition from a reliable academic source. Have appropriate definition stated in your own words and having a professional outside source that is appropriate.

3. a. Create and present a job description. Research the skills, and competencies for such a position. List 5 job skills and fields of expertise that would be appropriate to this position in this school.
b. Include explanation of tasks and duties required of the position, and the major skills that the successful candidate must be able to demonstrate. List 5 tasks and duties that would be appropriate to this position in this school.
c. Provide 1 chart or graph.

Part II:
Locate sources of information on the ADDIE instructional design model. Pls. answer the followings:

1. Explain each stage and its process in your own words.
2. Explain the rationale for each stage in the model.
3. Bridefly discuss the value of a systematic approach to instructional design in ESL Education.

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