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Strategic Impact Model

What is the Strategic Impact Model? Considering performance improvement, do you think this model is useful? Why or why not?

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The Strategic Impact Model is one used by businesses and education to show that training alone solves performance problems. While the model looks at ways to better train people that are having performance problems, it takes into account other avenues such as job redesign, incentive adjustments, better tools, etc. to help improve performance. Basically, as used within the classroom, a Strategic Impact Model, would incorporate instructional and non instructional methods to best help the student or employee. This builds upon the idea that people learn through varying modes of teaching. While direct instruction may be the best approach in some situations, hands on, visual, auditory and other methods may help the individual grasp the concepts more clearly. For companies or corporations, it is more cost effective to find ways to better train and retain their current employees than find new ...

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This solution discusses the strategic impact model, how it is used and whether or not it is beneficial to performance improvement.