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Strategic Planning/Management, Influence On Organization's Business Model

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Scenario- In a previous organization, the strategy was mainly through the enhancement of the information technology aspect is a means of supporting the development of the competitive advantage of the firm. As one understands the impacts and importance, such comprehensive implementation of IT, the organization aligned its business model to the principles of IT innovation.

In the statement above, would this be considered intentional strategic planning? if so why? Would this be a team event or a single decision maker? How would this type of scenario be financially funded - up front or piece-mailed? In a hierarchy such as this, is it evident that this organization would consider training a secondary initiative? If so how? Assuming the management process would not be successful unless there is a consensus amongst the group. How would those against the idea of change be dealt with or swayed to get on board?

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The previous statement says that the organization aligned its business model to the principles of IT innovation. This is intentional strategic planning. The organization deliberately molded its business model to the principles of IT innovation. This can be either a single decision maker or a team event. However, to make the alignment of business model to the principles of IT innovation, it has to be a team event. All the team members should be a part of the decision making process, they ...

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