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    Paper with a problem statement and research objectives

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    Prepare a paper that is suitable for publication relating to your problem statement and research objectives. (create one). The paper should move logically from your introduction of the business problem, to the question, culminating in your proposed solution or hypothesis. Your presentation should provide a clear background from the literature to clarify and define your research question. This background will provide both the theoretical and practical information that would be used to structure the complete research process to answer the research hypotheses related to your business problem.

    You should present the material in such a way that the reader will follow logically to your conclusion. Every point that you make should be supported by a reference to one of your journal articles.

    You should plan on averaging three to five citations per page. Many journals will be cited more than once, so the total number will not be thirty to fifty journals, but realistically five to ten journals.

    Pay attention to the readability of the paper. If the reader can't understand what you are saying, you might as well not write it. Neither the number of pages nor the number of citations is a significant measure of quality.

    Clarity of presentation will be the prime measure of quality. You need to assume that you are writing to other professionals who probably have limited knowledge of the material that you are presenting. You will want to look at the grading rubric to see how this paper will be scored.

    Remember that applied business research is neither informative research, aka a term paper, nor theoretical research, aka a thesis, although there is some theoretical research done for business reasons. Applied business research is decision oriented and therefore seen as a persuasive style of paper.

    It should be APA style and No Plagiarism.

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    Several organizations spend a lot of their time reacting to changes that they did not expect instead of preparing and anticipating for them in a situation called crisis management. When problems occur to an organization at an unexpected time, organizations will spend a lot of their time and energy trying to cope with the unexpected problems resulting to waste of energy which could have been used in preparation for an anticipated challenge. However, this does not always have to be the case since strategic planning provides a sensible alternative to crisis management. The purpose of this paper is to provide a review on the available alternatives of strategic planning and how they can be used in managing crisis within organizations. Strategic planning poses a great importance on business organizations as it plans for the future through observing the current business trends and influential sources which may affect a business organization. The alternatives of strategic planning are illustrated within the nonprofit making organizations contexts however; the illustrations are not only limited to these forms of organization (Kirchhoff, McCarthy, Crandall & Whitelaw,2011).
    Grumbling about strategic planning has always been widespread even before economic crisis such that dozens of meetings have also failed to produce new ideas on how strategic plan alternative should be used. This has frustrated several staff available in non profit making organizations such as the board members. Strategic planning can be used in improving the way an organization performs and that poses the question; how is strategic planning used in renewing an organization's performance?
    According to Aghdasi, Albadvi and Ostadi, B. B. (2010). Strategic thinking assists an organization in deciding what direction to take when faced with a handful of issues. The size of the issues facing the organization gives rise to the strategic plan importance. This form of planning is the most useful as well as of a higher value when it comes to management practice within a manager's tool kit. Lawson, Cousins, Handfield and Petersen (2009) state that, some practices of management have been proven through the use of hard won experiences which are later confirmed by research, providing a way for organizations to improve their performance and a strategic plan produced through a logical formal process.
    Value creation for an organization's primary beneficiaries is what an organizational ...

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