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Research Proposal on Elderly Care

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Can you provide some guidance on drawing up a Research Proposal. I am considering a topic related to elderly care, whether in nursing homes or assisted living. Your guidance should touch on what I need to include as part of the following components:
1. Introduction
2. Problem Statement
3. Rationale for Research
4. Statement of the Research Objectives
5. Hypothesis
6. Definition of Terms
7. Summary

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This solution was created to assist a student working on a research proposal regarding elder care options (nursing homes and assisted living centers). The information contained in this solution will be useful to individuals working on a similar assignment.

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The introduction for a research proposal serves the purpose of informing the audience of the intent and purpose of the research study. As you have opted to conduct a study based upon the best choice for long term care for the elderly, nursing homes versus assisted living centers, your introduction should state why you would like to conduct the research on this topic.

You must state the problem in order to satisfy this requirement of the proposal. The comparison of long term care facility affordability and quality of care at the top of the list for families who find themselves in need of this service. Perhaps, the problem can be identified as why families experience such difficulty in deciphering which type of facility will work best for their aging parent. This can be attributed to lack of information provided regarding independence, proximity to the family, affordability, et cetera.


Problem Statement

In the link provided below, you will find an excellent example of how to craft your problem statement.


Based on this example, your problem statement might state as follows: Based upon current research it is not known how or to what extent decisions for long term care based solely upon affordability and quality of care impact the lives of aging individuals. Families seeking long term care ...

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