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Healthcare Policy Assessment Methodology

This proposal reveals a community health promotion project to educate the elderly on combating dementia and diabetes. The project consists of passing out brochures describing how healthy food choices can reduce the chances of an individual contracting diabetes or suffering from dementia.  The first step in initiating the project is handing the brochures directly to the elderly, their caretakers, or immediate family members. The caretakers or immediate family members can better explain the information and provide healthier foods for the elderly individuals. The next step is placing brochures and pamphlets within local stores, pharmacies, restaurants, etc., within the community.

Please develop two projected effects of this project on healthcare policy using at least one reference.

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If it is found that the project has had a favorable impact in producing a reduction in dementia and diabetes within that community, then there is a high probability that this will produce a positive effect on health care policy. One of the positive projected effects of this project on health care policy, is that the success of this ...