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    Challenges of Peer Review of DNP

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    Assessing professional competence and knowledge through peer-review and self-assessment are inherent parts of any professional role including the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). These sorts of assessments may prove challenging in a health care system where the role is a relatively new one and there may be a lack of clarity about what the DNP role actually is or should be.

    Describe what some of those challenges or obstacles might look like and explain how you, as a DNP, would engage in shaping this process to develop new and appropriate policy.

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    One of the challenges of assessing the professional competence and knowledge of a DNP through peer review and self-assessment is the fact that he will be very difficult to develop a systematic methodology by which peers can review the performance of the DNP, when most of the individuals within the organization will be the subordinates or staff of the DNP. This is due to the fact that the DNP will usually be one of the very few individuals within a healthcare organization with this type of degree, which means that ...

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    The challenges of peer review of DNP are determined. The challenges and obstacles for the shaping processes are developed.