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    Trends in Psychological Research

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    Cognitive Interventions among Older Adults: an article that is about the trends in psychological research methodology.

    Summarize an article and critically think about what the article is presenting.

    What is the impact or implications of the research methodology related trend in the article?

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    The solution below should get you started. The idea in this particular problem is that you are being tasked to find an article that discusses the research trends you listed - any of them, in fact and then provide a summary of the article and a discussion of the implications of the research methodology. It's straightforward in a sense that you are told what is expected. The tricky part is this - what implications or impact will you discuss? Usually, this is highlighted in the article. However, it could also be quite a few and if you need to discuss them in-depth, you can't discuss them all so therefore you must choose. I suggest the following outline:

    1. Article details
    2. Article Summary - 300 words.
    3. Impact Summary - 100 words.
    4. Discussion of Impact 1 - 200 words.
    5. Discussion of Impact 2 - 200 words.
    6. Your resources/Bibliography (this depends on the style you are using).

    Note that you can have more than 2 'impact/implications', but I think that 2 is the minimum so as to meet the word count and the theoretical side of things. I have created a narrative below that follows this outline.

    -Title: Cognitive Interventions among Older Adults
    -Author: McDougall Jr., Graham J.
    -Publishing Details: Annual Review of Nursing Research, Issues 17, pages 219-240
    -Year: 1999


    This particular study, written by an associate Professor from the University of Texas who was a nurse prior to earning his PhD is a true fusion of medical and psychological science in terms of the application of practical and epistemological theories. It provides a review of psychoeducational and/or psychosocial interventions that have been structured and designed to develop and improve cognitive functions among older adults who have no cognitive impairment in particular. The research is divided into the following sections (a) ...

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    The solution provides the student with assistance in locating a key article on the topic of cognitive intervention among older adults as a rising research interest and application trend in psychological research. A summary of the article is provided side by side with an analysis of the key concepts in the article using the critical lens. The impact and implications of the research methodology utilised in the article/study is also included. Resources are listed and a word-version of the solution is also attached for easy printing.