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Future Trends in Research of Visual Information Processing

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Discuss current trends in the research of visual information processing and how they advance understanding of visual information processing.

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Thanks for choosing BrainMass. Future trends in research of visual processing are pivotal to how the brain perceives information. It is also pivotal to how the the brain interprets all the stimuli from the environment it receives from the senses. It is also about how the brain learns certain skills and processes that become automatic processes.

What does this come down to? This comes down to perception. People can perceive information in the environment, which is almost as some term it effortlessly. We must be able to perceive our environment as it is essential to our survival. While people without vision and hearing function just fine in the world, their experience is quite different from that of someone who possesses all five senses. For example, if a person was born no senses, she or he would not be aware of the environment at all and would be unable to survive.

The process of perception can be broken into several steps. There must be a stimulus in the environment, ...

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This is a discussion on the trends of research and visual information processing.

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