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    Future trends and professions in Information Technology

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    Locate information on technology trends or technology professions from an online search or a library search.

    Post your response to the following: Research future trends and professional opportunities in the Information Technology (IT) field. What opportunities are being created in the IT field as a result of the advancement of e-commerce?

    Include one reference in your response

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    IT produces jobs in software and programming engineering. There are many programming careers that are emerging from IT. Some of which are Visual Basic, C++, Perl and Java.

    Web development career also opens up because of IT. ASP.NET and PHP programming are some of the skills needed right now in the web development industry.

    Network administrators and systems analysts are among the hottest IT-related jobs in many companies. A lot of Cisco Certified professionals are working in large companies in different countries. Network administration jobs offer great salaries and great career opportunities.

    Freelance IT jobs have become more popular. Freelance web designer, freelance ...

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