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    Impacts of Major IT Trends on Organizations and Customers

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    With the pace of technological innovation rapidly accelerating, thousands of potential new technologies are waiting to be developed. Organizations must be able to discern which of these are likely to flourish and have the greatest impact on their market space.

    Identify several major trends in IT. What are the impacts of these trends on the organization and the consumer?

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    The current trends in technology require a level of sophistication, which enables humans and devices to communication more effectively. Several years ago, computers were enabled with speech recognition for hands-free functionality. At the beginning, speech or voice recognition had a few too many glitches in the system. At times the computer barely recognized the users voice, and if it did recognize the users voice, the computer did not comprehend speech, thus causing the user to constantly repeat him or herself. The technology of today is much more intelligent than that of yester year.

    In recent years there are an astounding number of teens using their mobile devices for texting, unfortunately most of these teens are texting while driving which is extremely dangerous for them and motorists. As a result of the fatalities increasing in number technological innovators developed a system called Cell Control. The Cell Control is a device that parents can use to monitor a teenagers cellphone use inside the vehicle. The Cell Control device is plugged into the car underneath the dashboard. If the car is in motion, texting and web browsing is disabled immediately.
    In most professions, technology is a springboard to launch products and services to promote ...

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    The impacts of Major IT trends on organizations and customers are determined. Several trends in IT are identified.