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    Trends which are impacting marketing today

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    Marketing is shaped by peoples interests, culture and the external operating environment. As marketers, we are faced with many challenges and changes today. Please discuss at least two trends which are impacting marketing today. Please give specific examples to support your point of view.

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    Running Head: MARKETING TRENDS
    Marketing Trends

    Trends of Marketing
    In the present marketing environment, the organizations are facing various challenges to cope up with the environmental situations and provide satisfaction to the customers. There are various trends, which impacts marketing such as culture, technology, etc. (Kotler, 2002). For instant, in the fast food industry the marketing shapes with the help of two important trends health and taste and flavors of the products.
    In the fast food industry, the Consumers of the fast food are now becoming very much concerned about the natural healthy food. Health is a major factor that affects the physique of the people, their performance level, their mental ability, etc. Due to this reason, people become very much concerned about what to eat (Murray, 2001).
    Fast food ...

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    The trends which are impacting marketing today are examined. Specific examples to support the point of view is given.