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    Comparative Industry analysis

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    I have to compare Cell Phone Industries, Pharmaceuticals and Municipal government in an industry analysis. This only has to be 3 -4 pages so I don't need to go to deep into it. I just need to know what I am doing.

    Write a one to two paragraph synopsis of occupational and labor market outlook for each.

    Summarize the types of organizations typically represented in each industry-size, location, organizational structure, and any other factors that clearly indicate the features of organizations typical in this industry.

    Which firms are noted as dominant and influential organizational players in each selected industry

    Conduct an environmental scan to identify HR trends relevant to each industry.

    Identify industry projections of total employment and unemployment in each industry and relevant economic and legal conditions impacting HR and staffing within each industry.

    Identify some unique staffing challenges being experienced in each industry now and forecasted to be of concern in the short term of two or three years.

    Identify an employer of choice (EOC) in each industry. Why is this employer recognized as an EOC?

    Include and integrate at least five recent and industry-relevant, peer-reviewed sources.

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    //Before writing about the comparison of Cell Phone Industries, Pharmaceuticals and Municipal Government, it is essential to know about the occupational and labor market for each industry. One should know about the trends existing in each industry to compare these industries in an effective manner.//

    Occupational and Labor market outlook for cell phone industry

    The market of cell phone industry is matured now, but it offers various opportunities to the individuals. Market growth is at its maturity level. Availability of labor is effective in this industry (Reaching the U.S. Cell Phone Generation, 2007).

    Occupational and Labor market outlook for Pharmaceuticals

    Market growth of this industry is also at its matured stage. Market opportunities are growing due to the commercialization of services. Bigger organizations are doing mergers and joint ventures to attain the core competency in their operations. Labor is easily available for this industry (Gupta, Diallo, Zurn, and Poz, 2003).

    Occupational and Labor market outlook for Municipal government

    Market growth is higher in this industry as compared to the above mentioned industries. Availability of labor is also sufficient for this industry.

    //Above is the discussion of the occupational and labor market for each industry. as per the instructions, now explanation about the types of organizations present in each industry by considering their size, location and organizational structure is to be discussed.//

    Types of organizations in cell phone industry

    There are various organizations operating in the cell phone industry. These are described on the basis of three factors such as size, location and organizational structure.

    Size: Organization varies in size like Nokia is bigger in size as compared to Samsung and Sony Eriksson.

    Location: organizations are located at different places across the world. For instance, Nokia is located in India, UK. U.S and Asia-Pacific, Sony Eriksson is located in America, Asia-Pacific and Middle East, Samsung is also located in UK, Asia and Japan.

    Organizational structure: Organizational structure of these companies is of different types such as some are publicly traded like Nokia, other are privately traded. Some originations are vertically integrated while other are horizontally integrated. Organizational structure of some companies is simple like of Samsung while of some is complex like of Nokia Inc (Company Profile, 2009).

    Types of organizations in Pharmaceuticals

    Most of top ten organizations working in Pharmaceuticals industry belong to the U.S. They vary in size like some are of small size and other are big size (RanBaxy). Their locations are also different, like some are located in Asia-Pacific and other are located in U.S and UK. The organizational structure of these companies is also different. For instance, Ranbaxy has complex structures. In the same way, organizations like Novartis, Pharmacia & Upjohn and AstraZeneca, have vertical integration in their structure (Steiner, M et all, December 2007).

    Types of organizations in Municipal government

    Municipal government organizations are also of different size like some are public sized and others are private sized. Locations of these organizations is also different like some are located in the Middle East region and other are located in Asia-Pacific region. Organizational ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1681 words with references.