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    Trends, Evaluation, Research and Tools Provided in School

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    1. Can you explain some strategies you would use to present your result to an intended audience so as CEO's, provider relations, patient advocate etc in a healthcare setting
    2. What do you think are the most important future trends in the field of research and evaluation. Explain how the skills and insights may help to promote social change in these areas.
    3. How might you use the ePortfolio as you make the transition from student to professional. Could you include a description of artifacts you might use as evidence of your knowledge and skills.

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    Newer strategies include breaking down information and research based on the audiences you are presenting. Making sure to put in the most important information for that group, but in a manner they can comprehend is most important. This might include financial information and recommendations for the CEO, new methods and processes along with current issues for healthcare workers, or outlining how things are changing and progressing for others. Just make sure the information is accurate, simple, and clear for each group.
    Another strategy is to create a visual presentation and then modify it for each group. Again you want to target only the information each needs, but having a presentation like a PowerPoint can help make connections to the ...

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