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The Counselor's Role in Student Performance Assessment

Suppose you are a school counselor. Your school superintendent is rewriting your job description and asks for your feedback on what role the counselor should have in student performance assessment. There is a debate among counselors, administrators, and teachers about whether school counselors should be involved in test coordination, or whether that responsibility should be removed from the job description. You also happen to be on a committee with other school counselors in your district to identify how your role can help students achieve lower dropout rates and higher test scores.
Address to the following for this discussion:
â?¢What is a school counselor's role in student testing and assessment?
â?¢How would you respond to your superintendent?
â?¢How would you link the work you are doing on the committee to the job description rewrite?
â?¢What evidence would you use to support your response?

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A. What is a school counselor's role in student testing and assessment?
Response: A school counselor's role within a student's assessment performance must meet various skill sets to take part. Please note the skills that follow:
Number 1 - School counselors must be knowledgeable is selecting different assessment strategies. For example, the counselor could focus on varying forms of information obtainable from various assessment models.
Number 2 - School counselors can locate and evaluate the most current used assessment types. For example, a counselor can gather current assessment tools and critique the validity of information gathered from said assessment strategy.
Number 3 - A counselor is competent in different techniques of administering and evaluating the selected assessment tools. For example, a counselor should be able to implement the correct administration techniques, including the most current use of technology in such administrations.
Number 4 - A counselor is skilled in evaluating and disseminating assessment outcomes. For example, the counselor ...

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