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Integrating Assessment Results

Especially with online tests, which often come with sophisticated computer-generated reports, it can be tempting to minimize the role of the counsellor by leaving clients to read their reports independently. Based on your own experience completing the tests, your readings, and the test-related discussion forums, use this forum to discuss the counsellor's significant role in integrating and interpreting assessment results

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Based on my experience completing various tests, finding specific readings, completing test-related coursework, and applying these tests (I am a therapist), I have found that the counselor's role is quite significant for a few reasons: jargon, reliability/validity, and application.

First, jargon and statistics throughout the tests and scoring instruments can be difficult for clients to understand and interpret correctly. Counselors can decipher important information for clients and help put things into terms which are easier to understand. Sometimes, showing clients a bell curve (especially when discussing IQ scores) can be helpful.

Second, reliability and validity issues may change the way clients view results. Not all tests are reliable or valid, and clients have a ...

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Integrating assessment results are discussed for sophisticated computer-generated reports.